Hi there! I’m a weaver of words by night, an admin person by day, and this is my book-ly and writer-ly website. I live in Brooklyn, have three children who own a fat cat named Zion, and I like cuba libres. (And catching a cool breeze by the ocean’s side.)

I love notebooks; always have.  Writing down everything was something I just did.  Why? <shrug> It was clear what my life’s career was going to be from early on.

As my writings increased, I penned the moniker The NoteBook Blogairy figuring it would capture all that I am and could be as a writer.  Over time, you will see what gets dumped out of my notebooks and refashioned into completed works.

What genre do I write in the most?  Women’s fiction/contemporary & short stories with a literary edge.

Which genre do I love the most and read the most? Sci-Fi, Paranormal, Thrillers, Ghost stories, Alternate Realities — in essence, all the things that scare us when we hear a thump in the dark.

Favorite Movie of All Time: The Matrix (and yeah, the whole trilogy)

Favorite Car of All Time; ’63 Corvette Stingray (yes, the one with the split window) [However, I could see myself in a Kustom Hybrid...]

Would love for you to drop me a line and share your thoughts about my books, your books, our likes and dislikes!


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